Odour-neutralising apparel that is ready for adventure

Jack Wolfskin® has collaborated with Microban® to incorporate Scentry Revive® odour-capture technology into its range of outdoor gear. This formulation, compatible with sustainable textile manufacturing, complements the functional, contemporary design of Jack Wolfskin’s sports, lifestyle, and adventure apparel, by providing odour reduction of treated products for up to 50 home launderings.

Jack Wolfskin, founded in 1981, is a leading provider of premium quality outdoor apparel in Europe. The German company’s merchandise, which is renowned for being innovative and sustainably produced, is currently available at over 4,000 points of sale worldwide, including over 490 own-brand stores across Europe and Asia.

Part of Jack Wolfskin’s commitment to sustainability – aside from conserving resources, integrating reusable materials, and limiting harmful emissions during manufacture – lies in creating products that last. In 2018, the company became the first clothing manufacturer to launch a 100 percent recycled weather protection gear and, in 2019, it removed chemically synthesised perfluorocarbons (PFCs) from its entire line of garments, bags, and backpacks. The company prioritises sustainability and thereby aims to create premium products that continue to serve environmentally-aware individuals in the long term.


The challenge

Activewear manufacturers frequently use durable, breathable and comfortable textiles, such as polyester, nylons, and elastane blends. However, these fabrics are prone to odour retention, due to the continuous accumulation of sweat, and dead skin cells. Outdoor enthusiasts rely on the frequent laundering of pungent clothing, which not only causes wear-and-tear on the fabrics, but also consumes excess resources like water and utilities. Even then, washing alone does little to remove unpleasant odour in the long term, meaning that garments can quickly become stinky and unpleasant to wear.

The solution

Partners in innovation

In response to this high demand for odour control, the Jack Wolfskin designers began looking for technologies that would prevent odour build-up and reduce consumers’ reliance on washing. The company teamed up with Microban to design and deliver a sustainable product range that includes travel clothing, cycling apparel, and sun hats that performs well during training and leisure while reliably resistant to odour formation.

Microban® technology is infused within select Jack Wolfskin products

Odour control that lasts

Scentry Revive is a patent-pending innovation from Microban that permeates fabrics during the manufacturing process to neutralise odours and extend the useful lifetime of products. Infused products maintain their freshness for several consecutive wears between washes, and retain their odour-cancelling properties for up to 50 wash cycles. In addition, in line with Jack Wolfskin’s social and ecological standards, this odor capture formula has earned an Oeko-Tex® certification and is bluesign® approved.

Why Microban?

The competitive performance of the Scentry Revive technology was the deciding factor for its incorporation into Jack Wolfskin’s functional garments. In addition, Microban is a widely recognised and trusted name within the textile market around the world. The team at Jack Wolfskin values the support that Microban has offered, including technical, regulatory, and marketing support for the apparel brand and its suppliers.

Benefits of Microban® odour-neutralising technology

  • Multiple applications – and easy incorporation into polyester, nylon, spandex and polyester-elastane blends – make Scentry Revive the ideal odour protection for a range of clothing, shoes and equipment.
  • The odour-capture solution seamlessly integrates into existing dyeing and finishing processes without the need for a binder, requiring no extra production steps. It is also compatible with most moisture-managing, water-repelling and softening auxiliaries.
  • Scentry Revive virtually eliminates the persistent odours that can ruin fabrics.
  • Built-in technology means that the odour-resistant effects last for up to 50 home launderings.
  • The unique, affordable, patent-pending antibacterial solution is safe for even the most sustainable textile manufacturing processes.
  • Microban is widely recognised and trusted as a world leader in antimicrobial and odour-control solutions
  • Microban's in-house regulatory department and marketing team have a comprehensive knowledge of global regulations necessary for a successful product launch.