Verbatim® Flash Drives featuring Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Verbatim, a long-standing global leader in data storage products and computer accessories, believes technology is about more than complex machines and computers – but improving everyday life.

From mice and keyboards to optical media storage devices and USBs, Verbatim media solutions make it easy for you to share memories, take your work with you on the go, and protect important files.

The portability of USB drives has us constantly handling, trading off, and using the drives with different devices. When not being used, they often find their way into the bottoms of purses, backpacks, and drawers – with little thought given to the cleanliness of passing from one place to another.

Verbatim is partnering with Microban to bring cleanliness to your USB drive.


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Keeping It Clean: Built-in Microban® Product Protection

Verbatim USB drives now exclusively feature Microban® antimicrobial technology to keep the USB drive surface cleaner for longer.

This unique, one-of-a-kind USB drive integrates Microban® product protection during manufacturing – helping to fight the growth of bacteria 24/7. For the life of the USB drive, consumers will have greater peace of mind about the cleanliness of their drive, use after use.

As a USB drive market leader with full capacity, specification, and convenience options, Verbatim has a solution for everyone and every task.

Whether transporting secure files, working remotely, or sharing academic projects, consumers have confidence in knowing that Verbatim USB's are protecting their data, while Microban technology is protecting the product surface.

Matthew Toms, Product Manager of Flash Memory Products at Verbatim commented, "Microban is the brand leader of antimicrobial products. Considering the portable and exchangeable nature of USB drives, I found this partnership to be a natural fit."

Key Benefits of Verbatim USB Flash Drives featuring Microban Technology

  • Device stays inherently cleaner for longer with always-active, 24/7 product protection
  • Lifetime protection against the growth of product-degrading bacteria, extending the useful life and functionality of the flash drive
  • Greater peace of mind for end-users between handling and transport
  • Contains a globally registered technology with a history of safe use
  • Surface protection for a product that is often overlooked when cleaning

Verbatim USB drives featuring Microban technology are essential in today’s environment and we are working hard to make this product available to you as soon as possible. Please continue to check this page for this product’s arrival.


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