Antibacterial bed sore prevention systems by Service Med and Microban

Hospital beds can harbor bacteria, posing a risk to surface cleanliness throughout healthcare facilities. While regular cleaning and disinfection can help, bacterial populations quickly rebound soon after the surface is touched again.

Service Med, part of the MedicAir Group, is partnered with Microban International to offer antibacterial bed sore prevention systems. The product is purposefully designed to alleviate pressure on ulcers, using high-tech electric compressors to redistribute air pockets in the mattress.

Microban antibacterial technology is built into the air compressor case and oxygen cylinder covers of the systems, providing an inhospitable environment for bacterial growth 24/7. The result is a product that stays hygienically cleaner between cleaning, offering peace of mind for healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

Mbns23 Microban Partner Medic AIR HERO

Key benefits of Service Med bed sore prevention systems with built-in antibacterial protection

  • Remain cleaner between cleaning

  • Easier to keep clean

  • Less likely to facilitate bacterial cross-contamination from surface to surface

  • Support regular cleaning and hygiene practices

  • Contain a globally-registered, safe-to-use technology

  • Protection lasts for the usable lifetime of the system

  • Deliver added peace of mind, allowing users to worry less and focus more on well-being and recovery

Care On, with antibacterial medical equipment enhanced by Microban