Antimicrobial Medical Device Coatings

Benefits of Medical Coatings

Healthcare providers are continually tasked with improving patient health while reducing the risk of infection. As many as one in 20 U.S. patients acquire infections during hospital stays, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Pathogens that cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) pose an ongoing and increasing challenge to hospitals, both in the clinical treatment of patients and in the prevention of the cross-transmission of these problematic pathogens. HAIs result in more deaths than AIDS, auto accidents, and breast cancer deaths combined in U.S. hospitals. This has led to an increased interest in medical coatings with antimicrobial protection for devices in continuous contact with patients. As a result, manufacturers are looking to antimicrobial coatings that are biocompatible, biostable, and non-toxic that can meet FDA compliance rules.

Antimicrobial medical device coatings utilize Parylene polymers that can be applied on everything from catheters to medical electronics. Parylene is a thinfilm polymer coating made of chemical vapor deposited polymers that protects a number of devices and components in the medical, electronics, automotive, and defense industries. This technology combines the benefits of Parylene with antimicrobial properties to effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms on coated medical devices and components, including any devices that come in contact with body, such as urological tools, medical electronics, and catheter coatings.

Catheter coatings with antimicrobial protection are a prime example of how medical device coatings can be used to improve cleanliness in healthcare facilities. The antimicrobial technologies utilized on catheters by Microban demonstrated a significantly higher performance than more traditional technologies. Antimicrobial catheter coatings are able to lower the rate of HAI's in patients that can be attributed to biofilm incrustation and propagation that occurs during use.

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