Poly Performance + Microban® Product Protection

Since 1969, Poly has been equipping people with the gear for their work and personal spaces to look and sound their best. As a trailblazer in providing sleek and effective solutions to the struggles of 'working-from-anywhere,' Poly designs and engineers audio and video products for wherever you work. From Bluetooth and wireless headsets, to group and personal video solutions, Poly provides the tools for anyone to ‘command the conversation with confidence.’

Poly has recently joined forces with Microban®, a global leader in antimicrobial technology whose proven formulations keep products cleaner for longer. This partnership has worked to integrate these technologies into a range of materials for Poly’s legendary products. Poly devices powered by Microban actively reduce the growth of bacteria and keep Poly devices surfaces 99% cleaner than unprotected devices. Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection is added to Poly products during the manufacturing process, so this invisible technology can work 24/7 without washing off or wearing away.

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Poly Rove Family

For the most critical workplaces, Poly has partnered with Microban to launch the Poly Rove DECT™ IP phone solution. Poly Rove devices, including the Poly Rove 30 and Poly Rove 40 phones, feature built-in Microban® antimicrobial technology that operates at a cellular level to fight the growth of bacteria 24/7 for the lifespan of the product.

The Poly Rove family is specifically designed for fast-paced, high-touch work environments where efficient communication is essential. This family of devices is easily scalable for a variety of organizational needs and features DECT™ wireless security to protect valuable conversations. From the ruggedized design to the exclusive Microban® antimicrobial feature, these devices are protected from every angle so you can collaborate with confidence.

Introducing Poly VVX x50 Desktop Phones

Poly expanded their Microban® treated product offerings in July 2021 with the roll out of treated Poly VVX x50 desktop phones. Responding to key end-user concerns surrounding cleanliness within the workplace, Poly has enhanced the VVX series of VoIP phones to bring peace of mind back to the office. Each handset is manufactured with built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection to reduce the growth of surface bacteria 24/7.

Other features to note:

  • Poly HD voice to deliver superior, high-definition sound while keeping out background noise
  • Intuitive user interface and ergonomic design to increase collaboration and productivity
  • Easy software for simple installation and deployment

Poly VVX x50 Range is Protected by Microban® for cleaner workspaces

Benefits of Antimicrobial Technology

Cleaner between cleanings + easier to clean. While not a substitute for regular cleaning, the added technology keeps products cleaner over their lifecycle.

Extended product lifetime. Inhibiting the growth of degrading microbes means the expected lifetime of your product is extended.

Works continuously. Microban® actively reduces the growth of bacteria 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protection that lasts the life of the product. Once integrated during the manufacture process, Microban® will last for the expected lifetime of a product or surface.

“Microban antimicrobial technologies help keep Poly products protected from bacteria. It is this invisible cleanliness that allows each us to feel empowered with Microban Protection That Lives On. When we talk to the marketplace, what Poly is doing with Microban makes so much sense. Given Poly’s global reach and market leading position in the Unified Communication space, the Microban partnership is going to bring a lot of goodness around the world. Poly products with Microban offer a greater peace of mind in knowing that the high touch surfaces are protected with safe, effective and convenient antimicrobial technologies.”
-Lance Fox, Senior Director, Business Development, North America