Giving the term 'clean eating' a whole new meaning

Who is Suncha?

Established in 1995, Suncha Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer of tableware and kitchen accessories. The company boasts 3 large manufacturing bases, an experienced team of 49 designers, and certifications from the US FDA and German LFGB. Suncha products can be found in many multinational retailers including Walmart, Carrefour and RT-Mart.

Hygienically cleaner chopsticks & chopping boards

From the drawing table to production, Suncha make it their priority to see your ideas come to life. The company is committed to fulfilling customer needs through the provision of high-quality, competitively priced products - and the addition of Microban antibacterial protection to their range of alloy chopsticks and wheat fiber chopping boards has allowed them to do just that.

With a long history of safe use, Microban works to protect the chopsticks and cutting boards from harmful bacterial growth by up to 99.9%. The proven technology is integrated at the stage of manufacture and remains active for the expected lifetime of the product. The result is a hygienically cleaner, fresher and more durable food contact utensil that is perfect for use in both domestic and commercial environments.

Suncha Microban Treated Chopsticks

Where can you buy treated Suncha products?

If you are interested in finding out more about Suncha's antibacterial-treated chopsticks and chopping boards, or if you would like to enhance your own food-contact products with antibacterial protection, contact a member of the Microban team today.