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Whirlpool® is the number one household appliance company in the world. From getting stains out of your favorite shirts to baking cookies and everything in between, Whirlpool® appliances are there to help you keep the day moving.

With the acquisition of Indesit Company SpA in October 2014, Whirlpool EMEA now has approximately 24,000 employees, a sales presence in 35 markets, and 15 manufacturing and technology research centers in 8 countries. The acquisition elevated Whirlpool into the number one spot in its industry, with three pan-European brands, Whirlpool, Indesit and KitchenAid, two regional brands, Hotpoint and Bauknecht, and a number of other local brands, including Scholtes and Ariston.

In 2017, Whirlpool® moved its EMEA headquarters to Milan, Italy, in an award-winning building perfectly suited for its world leadership position and strong commitment to innovation, design and sustainability.

Antibacterial Air Filters for Refrigerators: Every Day, Care

According to research by Which?, seven out of ten fridges contain harmful bacteria. Susceptible areas include the vegetable drawer, bottom shelf (where meat is typically stored), and outer door handle.

The 2019 study revealed that bacteria are likely to proliferate in a fridge as a result of contact with unwashed food produce, incorrect temperature settings and/or cleaning lapses. Without appropriate interventions, these bacteria can thrive considerably, posing cross-contamination risks to food items and key surfaces within the fridge.

In a bid to offer consumers a happier and more sustainable food journey, Whirlpool® has developed a range of antibacterial air filters for refrigerators enhanced with built-in Microban® technology. Microban® is integrated into the filter at the stage of manufacture and provides durable product protection against the uncontrolled growth of bacteria.

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Key Benefits of Whirlpool® Air Filters Enhanced With Microban® Technology

  • Foul-smelling odours in the fridge are minimised by up to 90% after just three hours
  • The risk of bacterial cross-contamination from surface to surface is reduced
  • Fridge stays cleaner and fresher in-between cleaning
  • The built-in antimicrobial properties remain active for the expected lifetime of the filter

If you are interested in Whirlpool's range of antibacterial air filters and crisper bins for refrigerators, contact Microban® today.

Worry Less About Odours and Focus More on Enjoying Life

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