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Antimicrobial mahjong tiles from Amos and Microban®

Taiyo Chemicals has been providing high-quality, durable, and environmentally friendly mahjong products since its establishment in 1954. It has become the number one brand in Japan's mahjong manufacturing industry.

In partnership with Microban, Taiyo Chemicals has once again demonstrated its excellence and innovative spirit by introducing its outstanding new product - AMOS Antimicrobial Mahjong Tiles.

These mahjong tiles are made of urea, which makes them highly durable and resistant to wear, impact, frost, and high temperature. The tiles are carefully crafted and have a smooth texture, providing the players with the best gaming experience. Moreover, AMOS uses environmentally friendly paints that do not fade easily, demonstrating the company's commitment to product quality and environmental protection.

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Mahjong tiles powered by Microban technology

Mahjong, an ancient Chinese game of skill and strategy played with beautifully designed tiles, has transcended borders to become a universally beloved pastime. Originating during the Qing Dynasty, it has evolved into a game cherished worldwide, uniting players in Asia, Europe, North America, and beyond. Whether enjoyed in family settings or competitive tournaments, Mahjong is a testament to traditional games' timeless allure, attracting players of all ages and backgrounds.

Frequent handling of mahjong tiles makes them susceptible to microbial contamination. To tackle this issue, Taiyo Chemicals has taken a proactive approach and incorporated Microban's ZPTech antimicrobial technology during the manufacturing process of the tiles.

This cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated with the raw material (urea) during production, resulting in durable antimicrobial protection that lasts throughout the entire use cycle, ensuring the tiles remain cleaner for longer.

Benefits of AMOS mahjong tiles treated with built-in Microban technology

  • Stay cleaner and fresher for longer
  • Longer lasting, making them better for the environment
  • Resistant to staining and bad odors caused by bacterial growth
  • Less likely to spread bacteria from one surface to another

The origin story: the Taiyo Chemicals and Microban partnership

The collaboration between Taiyo Chemicals and Microban didn't happen by chance. It originated from the insights of a perceptive Japanese resident living in Hong Kong who, upon returning to Japan, introduced Taiyo Chemicals to Microban's next-generation antimicrobial technology.

Following extensive market research, Taiyo Chemicals identified a substantial demand for antimicrobial mahjong tiles. This strategic move provides consumers with a more hygienic and reassuring gaming experience and solidifies Taiyo Chemicals' leading position in the industry.

Taiyo Chemicals continues to shape Japan's mahjong manufacturing industry in a fiercely competitive market. Choosing AMOS antimicrobial mahjong tiles means opting for high-quality entertainment and actively embracing a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle.

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