The most technologically advanced pallet in the industry

Exobond™ proprietary pallet coating is treated with powerful antimicrobial technology to prevent the growth of bacteria on pallets transporting products in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer electronics industries

Is it possible to ensure that strawberries picked on a farm in California and sold in a supermarket in Maine are never exposed to extreme temperatures during transport? The answer is yes. And the product that can ensure this is the pallet. Reinvented, constructed in an entirely new way, and equipped with Palltronics Intelligent Module Active IoT Sensor technology, the pallet can provide safety, hygiene, and trackability. Palltronics has created the PalletChainTM – connected to the Internet of Things, monitoring and continuously protecting your supply chain

As Palltronics continues to disrupt the pallet industry with innovative pallet features, Palltronics has partnered with Microban to add powerful antimicrobial product protection into the surface coating of all Palltronics pallets. Tightening food safety regulations in the United States have spurred action across industry leaders like Palltronics to address design and process improvements as they relate to promoting safety in the food supply chain and beyond. Taking proactive steps to prevent problems before they start is top of mind - and that's why the partnership between Microban and Palltronics is the perfect addition to a systems approach to bringing cleaner solutions to the pallet industry.

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