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Antibacterial Toilet Brush from Gala and Microban®

Part of Freudenberg Gala Household Products (FGHP), Gala Brush is one of India's leading manufacturers and distributors of cleaning tools. The company has been a pioneer in its industry for more than 35 years, receiving many awards and recognitions.

A Brush with Bacteria

It's no secret that toilet brushes can harbour high levels of microbes. Degrading bacteria often cause stains and foul-smelling odours in the bristles, impacting the overall aesthetics of the brush. Rather than spend time cleaning the product, consumers tend to opt for cheap and readily available replacements. Such behaviours are wreaking havoc on the environment and ultimately contributing to the growing issue of plastic pollution.

So what can be done to encourage consumers to keep toilet brushes for longer?


Gala AntiBac Double Hockey Toilet Brush

Gala's AntiBac Double Hockey Toilet Brush is a revolutionary new cleaning tool that stays cleaner and lasts longer. The bristles feature Microban, a built-in antibacterial technology that works to eliminate bacterial growth on the bristles by up to 99.9%. The AntiBac Toilet Brush is the first of its kind in India to feature proven Microban protection.


Key Benefits of Gala AntiBac Toilet Brush Featuring Built-In Microban Technology

Gala Anti Bac Toilet Brush
  • Proven zinc pyrithione technology continuously fights bacterial growth on the bristles
  • Protected against stains and odours caused by bacteria
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Benefits from a unique rinsing mechanism
  • Less likely to facilitate bacterial cross-contamination from the bristles to other areas in the bathroom
  • Ergonomically designed to reach all areas of the toilet bowl with ease
  • More durable and less likely to crack or break under recommended usage conditions
  • Stays cleaner and fresher for longer, helping to encourage reuse of brush as opposed to premature disposal
  • Suitable for both Indian and Western toilets

Watch the video below to learn more about Gala AntiBac Toilet Brushes

Keep bacteria out of the bathroom - get hold of your Gala AntiBac Toilet Brush today!