All-Purpose, Antimicrobial Cleaning Products by Quickie and Microban®

Quick cleaning? No bending? No hand wringing? It was just an unrealized dream of consumers until...

In 1950, Peter Vosbikian, Sr. invented the now-world famous Quickie Automatic Sponge Mop. The very first mop of its kind, it eliminated the mess and stress of hand wringing and bending – floor cleaning could be done automatically. Its patented design and breakthrough mechanics were revolutionary and greatly appreciated by the marketplace. It was so successful that the Quickie Automatic Sponge Mop launched a whole new company: Quickie Manufacturing Corporation.

Cleaner, Fresher Cleaning Tools

As you clean your bathroom, the cleaning products you use pick up microbes which can cause stains and odors on the cleaning product. That’s why built-in Microban protection is infused into Quickie cleaning products to help prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. And Microban protection is built-in so it won’t wash off or wear away for protection that lasts the lifetime of the cleaning product.

Quickie's household mops, brooms, brushes, sponges and microfiber products including their product lines with Microban protection are available in major retailers near you. If you have a mess, they have a tool to help you clean it up!

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Quickie's cleaning products with Microban technology work hard to inhibit the growth of unwanted microbes so that you can rest assured your home is protected!