Antimicrobial Toilet Flappers by Fluidmaster and Microban

Fluidmaster is the largest selling brand of toilet repair products in the world. In fact, our products are found in more toilets than all other brands combined. For more than 50 years, Fluidmaster has been at the forefront of the toilet care market by providing innovative yet easy-to-use products that are of the highest quality. Moreover, Fluidmaster is the most recognized and preferred brand of toilet repair products for professional plumbers.

Fluidmaster products can be found in toilet brands like Kohler, American Standard, Eljer, Toto, Gerber, Roca, Briggs, Hocheng, Vitra, Sanitec, Niagara and Penguin. These premier global toilet manufacturers depend on our products to enable their toilets to function best and they depend on Fluidmaster to continuously introduce innovative products that make servicing their toilets as easy as possible.

Did you know on an unprotected surface bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes? That’s why Microban and Fluidmaster have teamed up to protect Fluidmaster toilet flappers from breakdown to due bacterial growth.


PRO Series flappers made with Microban® technology are more resistant to premature deterioration than other flappers. Microban product protection works on the cellular level to prevent uncontrolled growth of microorganisms that can damage the flapper. Built-in during the manufacturing process, Microban antimicrobial protection works continuously for the lifetime of the flapper and it won’t wash off or wear away.

Fluidmaster flappers are the only flappers with Microban® built-in product protection and are designed exclusively for professionals.