Antibacterial Phone Case and Screen Protector From Cellularline and Microban®

Cellularline Group is a European leader in accessories for smartphones and tablets. The company is listed on the STAR Segment of the Italian Electronic Stock Exchange and boasts an intercontinental distribution network covering more than 60 countries.

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How Dirty Is Your Mobile Phone?

Always present but seldom cleaned, it’s not surprising that smartphones are commonly cited as bacterial hotspots. Not only do we take them everywhere with us, but they are also in frequent contact with our hands, face and other contaminated surfaces. This provides microorganisms with ample opportunity to migrate and spread from surface to surface.

According to a study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, feacal matter can be found on 1 out of every 6 smartphones. Similar research conducted by the University of Arizona found that smartphones are in fact up to 7x dirtier than the average toilet seat!

Cellularline Group Partners With Microban®

Thanks to a highly tailored product strategy based on excellence in quality, design and innovation, Cellularline has joined forces with Microban International to create a range of smartphone cases and screen protectors featuring durable, effective and high-performing antimicrobial technologies.

360 Degree Protection for Your Smartphone

The collaboration between Celluarline and Microban means that smartphones can benefit from a 360 degree protective shield against drops, scratches and bacteria.

Integrated during the manufacturing process, Microban® becomes an intrinsic feature of the smartphone accessories. It works by disrupting the vital life processes and biological functions of contaminating bacteria, meaning they cannot grow or reproduce on the treated surface and subsequently die.

Laboratory data has shown that Microban® actively reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria, helping products to stay hygienically cleaner in-between cleaning. Unlike common disinfectants, the protection won’t wash off, wear away or require re-application.

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Benefits of Cellurlarline Smartphone Accessories With Built-In Microban® Technology

  • Protected from the growth of harmful and degrading bacteria for their expected lifetime
  • Stay cleaner in-between cleans
  • Easier to keep clean
  • More durable and longer-lasting
  • Resistant to staining and odours caused by bacteria
  • Contain a globally registered technology that has a long history of safe use

Offering smartphone accessories that are protected from the growth of invisible enemies is an important innovation and one that can help support regular cleaning in-between uses and offer much needed peace of mind for consumer.

Treated Cellularline cases and screen protectors are available for a wide range of smartphone models, including the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20+.

For more information on Cellurlarline's range of antibacterial phone cases, screen protectors and ear buds, read the latest press release. Alternatively, contact a member of the team today.

It's time to hang up on bacteria with hygienically cleaner smartphone accessories from Cellularline