Cellularline Group Announces Partnership With Microban

May 26, 2020

​Cellularline, a European leader in the sector of accessories for smartphones and tablets listed on the STAR Segment of the Italian Electronic Stock Exchange, has signed a partnership agreement with Microban International Ltd., the global leader in antimicrobial solutions for more than 35 years, with the world’s largest portfolio of tested and certified antimicrobial technologies. The agreement calls for the supply and licensing of the Microban® brand for smartphone accessories in the EMEA market.

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The unprecedented global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of maintaining cleaner products and surfaces. This includes frequently used devices such as smartphones, which are among those that come into contact with a person’s hands and face multiple times a day.

Always present but seldom cleaned, it’s not surprising that smartphones are commonly cited as bacterial hotspots. That’s why Cellularline Group has joined forces with Microban International to create a new range of cases and screen protectors featuring a durable, effective and high-performing antimicrobial technology.

Integrated during the manufacturing process, Microban® becomes an intrinsic feature of the smartphone accessories. It works by disrupting the vital life processes and biological functions of contaminating bacteria, meaning they cannot grow or reproduce and subsequently die.

Laboratory data has shown that Microban® actively reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria on a treated surface, helping products to stay hygienically cleaner in-between cleaning. Unlike common disinfectants, the protection won’t wash off, wear away or require re-application.

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Microban® technology has undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories and has a long history of safe use. It is notified with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) in Europe and approved by many other global regulatory bodies for its intended applications.

Through this partnership, Cellularline is focusing on providing customers with added peace of mind by meeting the new product needs and requirements that have emerged during this moment in history.

This initiative – an integral part of the Group's strategies – confirms both Cellularline's desire for further diversification of its range through product innovation and technical development acumen in pursuit of clear market opportunities.

Christian Aleotti, Cellularline's Co-CEO, commented:The pandemic we are currently experiencing has taught us the importance of maintaining cleaner products and surfaces, especially those we touch with our hands most frequently and repeatedly. It has also highlighted the need to design smarter products that benefit from a built-in line of defence against the growth of harmful and degrading bacteria. We have sought to do our part through our partnership with Microban International, and we are certain that we will be able to go far beyond this initial line of products and pave the way to large-scale adoption of high-tech materials.”

Giorgio Rimini, Managing Director for Microban Europe, commented: “Research has shown that smartphones can harbour more bacteria than the average toilet seat. They’re often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning, so bacteria quickly proliferate on the surface. Offering smartphone accessories that are protected from the growth of these invisible enemies is an important innovation and one that can help support regular cleaning in-between uses. Microban® is honoured to be partnering with Cellularline, a leader in the mobile phone accessories sector, in this endeavour. Not only does their latest product range address a genuine problem, but it also provides much-needed peace of mind for consumers.”


About Cellularline S.p.A.
Founded in Reggio Emilia in 1990, Cellularline S.p.A. has a brand portfolio comprising Cellularline, PLOOS, AQL, MusicSound and Interphone and is the leading company in the smartphone and tablet accessory sector. The Group is at the technological and creative forefront of the multimedia device accessory industry, striving to deliver products synonymous with outstanding performance, ease of use and a unique user experience. The Group currently has 220 employees. Cellularline brand products are sold in over 60 countries.

About Microban International
Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban® is the global leader in antimicrobial technologies and odour control solutions. Its proactive systems keep products cleaner, fresher and more durable by preventing microbial problems before they start. Microban® combines science with creative solutions to enhance high quality consumer, textile, industrial and medical products around the world. Today, the Microban® brand and technologies are featured on thousands of products in more than 30 countries. For more information, please visit

Microban® technology is not designed to protect users or others from disease-causing microorganisms or viruses and is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices. Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.

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