Antimicrobial Point-of-Care and Medication Management Solutions by TouchPoint and Microban®

TouchPoint Medical is committed to developing customer-driven solutions that advance healthcare professionals’ delivery of care. TouchPoint Medical is a global provider of innovative and intelligent Point-of-Care and Medication Management Solutions to thousands of hospitals and health care facilities around the world.

TouchPoint Medical aims to be a leading and trusted global partner who helps enable a consistently safe, secure and efficient environment for healthcare professionals and their patients. Touchpoint Medical is globally headquartered in the United States, with corporate offices located all around the world.

Which TouchPoint Medical Products Are Treated With Antimicrobial Technology?

TouchPoint Medical recognizes the importance of healthcare environmental cleanliness to help reduce the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) for patients and caregivers. Microban® is proud to partner with TouchPoint Medical to provide powerful antimicrobial product protect to the following products:

  • AccessPoint™ workstations on wheels
  • AccessRx™ series of medication delivery carts
  • medDispense® automated dispensing cabinets

Microban technology is added into the manufacturing process of these innovative TouchPoint medical products to protect product surfaces from the growth of damaging bacteria as a systems approach to creating cleaner healthcare environments.

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