The new Sani-Bag+ with built-in antimicrobial technology by Cleanwaste Medical and Microban

Cleanwaste Medical does not just make a bunch of bags. Their products contain waste-control technology that helps keep people clean and safe. They have products that prevent splashing, turn liquid to solid, and contain deodorizing agents developed by NASA. Cleanwaste Medical products are portable, lightweight, and sanitary.

The new Sani-Bag+ now contains Microban technology, adding an additional level of antimicrobial product protection.

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Cleanwaste Medical added Microban® antimicrobial product protection to their waste bags to protect them from the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria that can grow on the product's surfaceenhancing the value of the products even more. Cleanwaste Medical products with antimicrobial technology help to protect the commode and bedpan liners from the growth of odor-causing bacteria and complement Cleanwaste Medical’s proprietary formulation of deodorizing technology and NASA-developed absorbent gel polymer to create waste management solutions that are cleaner and more discreet.


How does Microban technology work ?

Microban protection helps fight the growth of microorganisms that cause stains, odors, and product degradation. When microbes come in contact with the treated product surface, Microban protection penetrates the cell wall of the microorganism and disrupts cell functions making the microorganism unable to function, grow and reproduce.

What are the benefits of built-in Microban antimicrobial technology?

  • Provides continuous product protection against damaging bacterial growth.
  • Remains active for the lifetime of the product.
  • Do not wash off or wear away, EVER!
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Clean, dignified solutions for healthcare, outdoor and military use

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