Run on. Work on. Play on.

Soles and other shoe parts that come in direct contact with feet are notorious for generating extremely unpleasant odors caused by bacterial and athletic foot fungus contamination.


Fortunately, Microban has developed an answer to the all-too-common problem. 

Importantly, it’s an answer that has been well received by consumers. In fact, in a recent study, 88% of consumers said they’d be interested in having Microban product protection built-in to their athletic shoes liners and foam.

The good news is that Microban makes the process of incorporating antimicrobial and odor-capture protection in footwear simple. We begin by talking with our clients to determine objectives and goals. And we correspond with supply chains if necessary to understand the nature of every critical part and material that needs odor-control protection. We then select appropriate compounded additives—whether in the form of master batches for plastic material treatment or in aqueous form for textile material treatment.

To identify the exact chemical properties your footwear liners and foam odor control technology needs to resist microbial reproduction, we experiment with a variety of formulations. But we do more than ensure antimicrobial and odor-capture performance. We assist clients with regulatory and patent counseling, too. It’s a turnkey approach that has proven successful for many leading footwear manufacturers.