Great Dane recognized the need to offer their customers solutions to meet changing regulations and expectations in the food transportation industry.

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As food service standards and regulations continue to be implemented around the globe, proactive manufacturers who make products for the food service industry are developing innovative solutions to meet regulations and ultimately serve the needs of customers and the general public in keeping the food supply safe.

How To Fight An Enemy You Cannot See?

In the United States, the Food Safety Modernization Act encourages everyone that touches the food supply chain to utilize technology and innovation at every interval to proactively protect products and equipment on the route from farm to table. The incorporation of antimicrobial technology is an innovation that provides an added level of proactive protection, particularly for storage and delivery equipment within the industry.

Great Dane, a renowned leader and innovator in food storage and transport, recognized the need to offer their customers solutions to meet changing regulations and expectations.

In 2017, Great Dane partnered with Microban International to incorporate antimicrobial product protection as a standard in their Everest reefers.

The research & development team at Microban worked closely with the Great Dane team to develop patented technology that could be added to the liners of the reefer at the point of manufacture and will not wash off or wear away for the life of the liner. This innovation helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the reefer liner, which can be a challenge when the trucks are not in use. The resulting benefits include improved visible and invisible cleanliness, reduced odors and, ultimately, extended product life for Great Dane customers.

The partnership supports Great Dane’s reputation as a solutions-oriented manufacturer.

“Our customers have come to expect that Great Dane offers the most technologically advanced products on the market. The partnership with Microban, in addition to other Great Dane advances, provides our customers with products that will better prepare them to meet the more stringent standards of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).”

- Brandie Fuller, Vice President of Marketing at Great Dane

Since the inception of the relationship, the Microban team has continued acting as a true strategic partner with Great Dane, supporting their efforts to build awareness of the availability of this meaningful feature. Collaboration in every area from sales training and materials development, to ongoing regulatory and technical support, have been key to effectively launching this new benefit.

Great Dane is just one of many Microban partners that have found a route to innovation and product differentiation by leveraging Microban technology and our suite of support services to provide meaningful solutions within the industries they serve.

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