Innovative Protection for Food Storage and Transport

As manufacturers that serve the food industry continue to look for proactive tactics to improve the cleanliness of products and equipment used in food storage and transport, the team at Microban is focused on providing turnkey solutions. The COOL EGGSPRESS™ Egg Transport System is the newest and most dynamic innovation for the egg industry in years, engineered to meet current and future regulatory requirements and ultimately save time and money with the use of innovative design and materials.

Microban antimicrobial product protection is now also an option on new systems, providing an additional level of protection against the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors. Our built-in technology keeps the system cleaner between cleanings, makes it even easier to clean and improves overall durability.

Gain an added level of protection and save money with the CoolEggspress Egg Transport System featuring Microban technology.

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Why are so many choosing COOL EGGSPRESS™?

What is it that makes COOL EGGSPRESS™ so much better than traditional egg shipping racks?

  1. Improved Health & Sanitation
  2. Safer & More Durable
  3. Significant Cost Savings and Quantity Pricing
  4. Designed to Industry Specifications
  5. Compliant with Current and Prospective USDA Guidelines

The CoolEggspress Egg Transport System makes egg transportation safer and more durable.

See how they contribute to egg safety in the poultry industry