Microban Announces Partnership with CARIOCA®

Oct 22, 2021

Microban is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with CARIOCA®, a leading Italian manufacturer of stationery for children.

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TURIN, ITALY - OCTOBER 22, 2021 // Microban has recently announced its partnership with Carioca for a range of antibacterial children's markers.

Part of Universal s.p.a., CARIOCA® is a leading Italian manufacturer of coloring, writing, and drawing instruments for children. Its vast product range currently includes markers, colored pencils, tempera, pastels, and educational games.

CARIOCA's partnership with Microban has led to the development of the first line of children's markers enhanced with Microban® antibacterial technology.

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CARIOCA Baby® teddy markers, designed for the hands of the very young, are protected from bacterial growth 24/7 and for their expected lifetime. The treatment is invisible, working continuously in between regular cleaning practices to keep the markers cleaner. This allows parents to worry less about bacteria and focus more on playtime with their little ones.

Giorgio Bertolo, General Manager of CARIOCA®, commented: "This innovative product responds to the greater sensitivity of parents to the health and safety of their children. For CARIOCA it is important to focus on safety and innovation, bringing the BABY range to an even higher level of safety by exploiting new technologies such as that of Microban. So children are free to get dirty, no worries for their parents."

For more information on CARIOCA Baby® antibacterial markers, visit CARIOCA's official partner page.

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