Antibacterial Footwear for Healthcare Workers From Watts and Microban®

Born out of a desire for simplicity, functionality, and timeless design, Watts Footwear specializes in the creation of innovative shoes for use in hygiene-critical environments.

The Yacan and Yoan ranges are anti-slip, anti-static, and machine washable at 40 degrees, offering professionals in the healthcare industry an elevated level of safety and convenience. The footwear is also optimized to deliver comfort with its range of insoles including Fitplus for small feet, Supportplus for those who need extra support, and Topline to absorb maximum moisture.

Shoes That Work As Hard As You Do

To further address the needs of healthcare professionals, Watts is partnered with Microban International to created medical clogs with built-in antibacterial properties.

Integrated at the stage of manufacture, Microban® technology works 24/7 to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the surface of the shoes. This proactive product protection is proven effective against S. aureus and E. coli, helping to minimize the risk of cross-contamination in hospitals, doctors' surgeries, and other hygiene-critical healthcare environments. The always-active technology also ensures the footwear remains cleaner in-between cleans and facilitates washes at lower, energy-saving temperatures.


10 Technologies for Better Healthcare Footwear

Hygiene & Infection Control

Technology 1: Antibacterial Product Protection

All medical footwear by Watts is imbued with a proven Microban® antibacterial agent. This built-in formulation protects the shoes from the growth of harmful bacteria for their expected lifetime. It also enhances material durability, ensuring the shoes don't prematurely degrade as a result of bacterial proliferation.

Technology 2: Hygienic Design

Watts Footear is designed to collect minimal dirt. The soles of the shoes also ensure maximum grip and a minimized risk of cross-contamination.

Watch the video below to learn more about Watts Footwear medical clogs featuring built-in Microban® technology.

Technology 3: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Watts Footwear can be cleaned in a washing machine at 40 degrees. In addition, it can also be chipped with RFID technology for centralized laundry management.


Technology 4: Perfect Fit

Using a database of more than ten thousand different feet, Watts has designed customized shoes for ladies and gentleman.

Technology 5: Removable & Washable Insoles

Watts has designed four different washable insoles to optimize the fit and wearing comfort of its shoes.

Technology 6: Innovative Lightweight Material

Watts' shoes are manufactured in an extremely strong but ultra-light plastic material. Ladies' models weigh between 230 and 240 grams and men's models between 320 and 340 grams!


Technology 7 and 8: Anti-Slip & Anti-Static

In order to minimize the risk of slipping and static shocks on the work floor, Watts' medical shoes meet the highest anti-slip and anti-static basic conditions for safety shoes. Anti-slip standard: CE EN 20347 SRA and Anti-static standard: CE EN 20347


Technology 9: Award-Winning Design

Watts Footwear pays a lot of care and attention to design. In order to guarantee a perfect fit and contemporary appearance, the design was outsourced to engineering firm Berlo from Eindhoven, which also worked for Maxi Cosi. Watts Footwear was awarded a "Good Industrial Design" award during the Dutch Design Week 2017.

Technology 10: Plastic Fantastic

Watts Footwear is made from lightweight and very soft plastic material, ensuring a pleasant look and feel.

For more information on Watts antibacterial medical footwear, contact Microban® today.