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World-Class Locking Systems with Antibacterial Protection from Cyber Lock

As everyone knows, locks are the prime means of security for personal or corporate valuables. This protection is dependent, of course, on the quality and reliability of the locks themselves.

Operating under the brand name of "Cyber Lock", Siam Inter Lock Tek Co., Ltd. has years of experience and skill in the making of locks that are renowned for their world-class excellence. As a result of continued success in the industry, Cyber Lock is repeatedly selected by furniture makers of international repute.

Cyber Lock provides locking systems for the following main product categories:

  • Wooden Furniture Locks
  • Metal Furniture Locks
  • Electrical Panel Locks
  • Safe Locks

Cyber Lock has taken its product innovations one step further by incorporating Microban SilverShield technology into the keys for its leading range of locks. Acknowledgement that keys are frequently touched but rarely cleaned has been the driving force behind this development, with Microban antibacterial protection working to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the key surface. This has enabled Cyber Lock to offer customers world-class products that are more hygienic to use.

For more information on Cyber Lock's locking systems with antibacterial protection, contact Microban today.