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Microban Antimicrobial Plastic Eyewear is a World First for Leading Optical Manufacturer

Established in 2011, Mentor Optical Limited is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of eyewear products.

With a primary focus on product development, Mentor Optical sites quality and innovation as the key ingredients to its continued success. The company understands that whilst eyewear is often required for the correction of eyesight and/or protection against UV light, consumers should not have to worry about it becoming contaminated with microbes that could negatively impact the health of their eyes.

In a bid to address this concern, Mentor Optical developed N.T.Y. Eyewear – an innovative product range that benefits from integrated Microban® antimicrobial protection. Manufactured into the plastic frames, Microban® works to inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria on the eyewear. This proven technology not only extends the functional lifetime of the frames, but also ensures they remain cleaner and more hygienic for longer.

Mentor Optical is the FIRST eyewear brand in the world to incorporate Microban® antimicrobial technology into a range of eyewear products.

For more information on Mentor Optical’s leading range of antimicrobial plastic eyewear, contact the Microban® team today.

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