Antibacterial Kitchen Utensils From Konoll and Microban®

Guangdong Konoll Enterprise Co., Ltd. (also known as Konoll) is a Chinese manufacturer of domestic and professional kitchen utensils. Operating from a 10,000sqm facility in YangJiang, GuangDong, the company produces kitchenware for a plethora of international brands including Avon, SCANPAN and Faberware. It also supplies own label products through various online retailers.

Years of technological innovation and scientific management has enabled Konoll to craft high quality products that meet international food contact standards. Notable certifications come from the European LFGB and the US FDA. You can learn the key differences between the LFGB and the FDA here.

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Everrich®: Creating a Brighter Tomorrow With Cleaner Kitchenware Products

In a 2015 study funded by the Food and Drug Administration, researchers found that food produce harbouring bacteria would contaminate other produce through the reuse of knives or graters. The bacteria essentially latched on to the utensils and quickly spread to surrounding surfaces upon contact. Whilst frequent cleaning helped to reduce the number of bacteria on the products, it was not enough to tackle the problem in isolation. As such, consumers began to seek out utensils that featured a secondary line of defence against invisible enemies.

Konoll acknowledged this growing consumer demand through a partnership with Microban International. The company now works with Microban® to incorporate SilverShield® antibacterial technology into its popular Everrich® kitchenware range.* Treated products currently include knives, finger guards, scissors, peelers and utensil sets.**

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Key Benefits of Everrich® Kitchen Utensils With Microban® Antibacterial Technology

Integrated into the silicone parts at the stage of manufacture, Microban® technology works to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria on the surface of the utensils.

  • Protected from the growth of E. coli and S. aureus by up to 99.99%
  • Stay cleaner in-between cleans
  • Easier to keep clean
  • More durable and longer-lasting
  • Resistant to staining and odours caused by bacteria
  • Contain a globally registered technology that has a long history of safe use
  • Provide added peace of mind for consumers and food service professionals

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Make sure bacteria isn't what you're cooking

*Excludes Everrich® food tongs
**Antimicrobial protection is limited to the polypropylene parts of each treated utensil