Antibacterial Chopping Boards from Kochblume and Microban®

Kochblume was established in Germany in 2010 with one primary purpose: to revolutionise your kitchen. This mantra has been key to the company's success as a leading manufacturer of functional and innovative kitchenware products.

With you and your cooking in mind, Kochblume combines practicality with pleasure. Products are made from non-toxic materials in a wide range of dazzling colour combinations. Platinum silicone, an ideal material for the manufacturing of kitchen tools, is at the base of the development of Kochblume products. The material is an odourless and colourless polymer, composed primarily of silicone, and can be found naturally in sand, quartz, and rocks. Platinum silicone is ideal for manufacturing products in the food sector and ensures the durability and ergonomic design of Kockblume kitchenware.

Kochblume's current product range includes cooking & baking utensils, keep fresh food savers, and cleaning tools.

Improving Product Hygiene in the Kitchen

Research by Multi-sponsor Surveys revealed that 72% of consumers are concerned about the presence of bacteria in their kitchen. A further 58% said they were particularly worried about bacteria when preparing food. That’s why Kochblume is working with Microban® to create smarter kitchenware products that stay cleaner for longer.

Microban® antibacterial technology is engineered into Kochblume's foldable chopping board at the stage of manufacture. The technology works 24/7 to deliver permanent product protection against bacterial growth, providing added peace of mind for consumers.


Key Benefits of Kochblume Chopping Boards with Built-In Microban® Technology

  • Protected against the uncontrolled growth of bacteria for their expected lifetime
  • Stay cleaner and fresher in-between cleans
  • Easier to keep clean
  • More durable and longer-lasting
  • Less likely to facilitate cross-contamination from surface to surface
  • Contain a food-contact approved antibacterial technology that is notified with the EU BPR and registered with the US EPA
  • Provide added peace of mind for consumers
  • Available in two sizes (small and large) and a range of colour combinations

Kochblume is the revolution that your kitchen was missing

Research: Multi-sponsor Surveys Antibacterial Products Study (2020)