Antimicrobial Shower Hoses from Asia's Leading Manufacturer

Founded in 1996, Yuhuan Jianglin Plumbing Hose & Parts Co. Ltd. is one of Asia’s largest flexible water connector manufacturers.

Located in the biggest industrial park of the newly emerging port town of Yuhuan, Jianglin’s factory covers an area of 23,000 square meters and produces 110,000 flexible hoses and 30,000 angle valves per day.

For over 20 years Jianglin has been committed to quality, service and innovation. Their passion for excellence is why they have been granted the following certifications for their flexible hose and angle valve products:

  • cUPC, AB1953 and NSF-61-9 – North America
  • Watermark, AGA – Australia
  • WRAS – UK
  • ACS and CSTBat – France
  • DVGW – Germany
  • Kiwa – Holland
  • SINTEF - Norway

To further enhance product quality and provide extra benefits to customers, Jianglin has partnered with Microban® to create a range of antimicrobial shower hoses, pull-out hoses and faucet connectors.

Proven to effectively inhibit the growth of microbes on a surface, Microban® is added into Jianglin’s products at the stage of manufacture, ultimately extending their functional lifetime and durability.

To find out more about Jianglin’s antimicrobial shower hoses, pull-out hoses and faucet connectors, contact Microban® today.