Antimicrobial Children's Toys from Balls R Us and Microban®

Balls R Us Co., Ltd. is a leading international manufacturer of children's educational products and sports equipment. Established in 1977, the company has been supplying the school and retail markets for over four decades and is home to well-known brands including Creatif Play, School Supply Group, and BRU.

Added Peace of Mind for Parents and Educators

A recent study revealed that 86% of adults believe bacteria pose a threat to pre-teen children. A further 44% expressed concern about the presence of bacteria when caring for youngsters.* Children's toys, in particular, are known to harbour harmful microbes - be it mould on the inside of a rubber duck or E. coli on dolls. Frequent contact with soiled hands combined with changing environmental conditions and lapses in cleaning contribute heavily to product contamination. This can pose significant worry for parents who have little control over the toys their children play with whilst at school.

With 1 in 4 consumers now actively looking to purchase toys with built-in antimicrobial technology, Balls R Us has partnered with Microban International to meet this growing demand. Microban® protection is engineered into building blocks, balls, and a range of other children's products from BRU. The technology works 24/7 to inhibit bacterial growth on the surface of the product, helping it stay hygienically cleaner than untreated equivalents.


Key Benefits of BRU Children's Products with Built-In Antimicrobial Protection

  • Protected from bacterial growth by up to 99.9%
  • Less likely to facilitate bacterial cross-contamination from surface to surface
  • Stay hygienically cleaner in-between cleaning
  • Resistant to staining and discolouration caused by bacterial growth
  • Contain an EPA-registered and BPR-notified antibacterial ingredient that parents and educators can trust
  • Antibacterial properties last for the expected lifetime of the product

For more information on antibacterial children's toys from Balls R Us, contact a member of the Microban® team today.

Cleaner toys are child's play, thanks to the partnership between Balls R Us and Microban®

*Multi-sponsor Surveys (2020)