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Antimicrobial Steel Coatings From ARCEO Engineering and Microban®

Located in the heart of Europe, ARCEO Engineering is a specialty coil coater that offers added value surface treatment products. The company strives to deliver specialized solutions in the areas of metallic surface embellishment, corrosion & handling protection, and process optimization.

ARCEO operates in a range of sectors including construction, domestic appliances, and automotive. It also caters to a range of bespoke applications such as magnetic circuits, drums, and boilers.

With an in-depth understanding of the importance of surface hygiene, ARCEO Engineering partners with Microban® to create antimicrobial coatings for flat carbon steel and stainless steel.

ArenTouch and ArenHiFlex Coatings

Microban® SilverShield® technology is added to ARCEO's ArenTouch and ArenHiFlex coatings at the stage of manufacture, enabling them to create bio-enhanced surfaces that can actively reduce bacterial proliferation. The result is a surface that stays hygienically cleaner and fresher in-between cleans. It is also easier to keep clean and less likely to facilitate cross-contamination.

ARCEO's antimicrobial steel coatings are perfect for use in schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and a range of other hygiene-critical environments. For more information, contact Microban® today.