Safer Antimicrobial Plastic From ALOK and Microban

ALOK Masterbatches is a leading masterbatch provider, co-creating innovative, reliable and responsible applications for the plastics industry.

With an amalgamation of research, world class manufacturing processes and an experienced team, ALOK strives to deliver high quality, consistent and cost effective solutions that cater to the current and future needs of its customers.

ALOK's mission is to combine the power of chemistry with technology to make plastic safer, affordable and sustainable. The company uses its experience and understanding of chemistry to ensure that its products are always ahead of the curve.

Recent ALOK Award Wins

FICCI Chemicals & Petrochemicals Award 2019

In November 2019, ALOK was conferred the prestigious FICCI Chemicals & Petrochemicals Award 2019, in the category ‘Sustainability for Excellence in Safety (Petrochemicals)’. The award was presented by Shri P Raghavendra Rao, Secretary, Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals. This was in recognition for ALOK’s efforts to promote safety in the petrochemical sector, and for exhibiting cutting-edge technologies at the Ranipet manufacturing facility.

Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award 2019

In July 2019, ALOK won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for an indigenously developed solution, UvNox. Mr Vikram Bhadauria, Managing Director, ALOK was presented the award by Hon’ble Minister of Revenue & Skill Development, Shri R V Deshpande, and Lt. Gen. J S Ahluwalia, President, Institute of Directors, during the 21st World Congress on Environment Management and Climate Change and Awards ceremony.

Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award 2020

In July 2020, ALOK once again scooped the Golden Peacock Award. This prestigious recognition was granted by the Institute of Directors (IOD), who were truly wowed by ALOK's antimicrobial masterbatch solutions. In less than 12 months, the products have redefined plastics production and enabled manufacturers to create cleaner, fresher and more sustainable plastic articles.

Read the full press release to discover more about ALOK's latest award win

Antimicrobial Masterbatch Solutions: Adding Good to the Plastics Industry

As India’s leading masterbatch producer, ALOK recognised the need for masterbatch solutions with antimicrobial properties. During K-Show 2019, ALOK announced its partnership with Microban International for developing proven antimicrobial masterbatches.

ALOK's antimicrobial masterbatches contain SilverShield, a scientifically proven antimicrobial technology from Microban. SilverShield actively disrupts the vital life processes and biological functions of bacteria, meaning they cannot reproduce on a treated surface and subsequently die.

This invaluable partnership has enabled ALOK to directly address customer needs. Its antimicrobial masterbatch products can be used in the manufacture of everyday plastic products such as water tanks, food packaging materials, and toys. The results are plastic products that have an added level of hygiene and durability.

“The Indian antimicrobial additives market is expected to witness significant demand from the healthcare, food & beverage, and packaging sectors in the years to come. Partnering with Microban will allow us to deliver high-quality, consistent masterbatches enhanced with antimicrobial technology to Indian markets – in time, on time."

Mr Amit Puri, Director, ALOK.

Key Benefits of Plastic Articles Manufactured With ALOK Antimicrobial Masterbatches

  • Proven to harbour up to 99.9% less bacteria
  • More hygienic to use
  • Easier to keep clean and stay cleaner in-between cleaning
  • Less likely to facilitate bacterial cross-contamination from surface to surface
  • Resistant to staining and bad odours caused by bacterial proliferation
  • More durable and less likely to crack or break under recommended usage conditions
  • Proven to contain a globally registered biocide that has a long history of safe use

Positive Endorsements From Vikram Bhadauria, MD

Speaking at the K-Show, Managing Director of ALOK, Mr Vikram Bhadauria, said, “There couldn’t have been a more exciting time for us to announce our partnership with Microban, than here at K Show 2019. Microban’s antimicrobial technologies, coupled with ALOK’s deep understanding of the Indian plastics industry, will enable us to cater to the evolving needs of the customers and further our mission of ADDING GOOD to the plastics industry.”

Speaking about the partnership, Mr Giorgio Rimini, EMEA Managing Director of Microban, said, “India is a strategic market for us, and we are delighted to partner with ALOK. With growing awareness about the hygiene, safety and sustainability of plastics in the Indian market, we see an excellent opportunity to introduce antimicrobial solutions that can help make plastics resistant to microbial growth. ALOK’s vast distribution network will help us reach even the remote corners of India.”

The relationship between ALOK and Microban is built on a foundation of product innovation, scientifically-proven technologies, and manufacturing excellence. This will pave the way for the delivery of high-performing antimicrobial solutions across India.

For more information on ALOK and its range of antimicrobial masterbatch solutions, contact a member of the Microban team today.