Where to Buy Microban


With about 59% brand awareness in North American households with children, many consumers are asking where to buy Microban® partner products.

We have two major application categories that our partner products typically fall into: odor control (for fabrics and textiles) and micro prevention that is “built into” both commercial and consumer products. 

Where to Buy Microban Partner Textiles

For odor control textiles, we partner with brands like Calvin Klein®, Fila®, Teva®, Reebok®, Puma®, New Balance®, Spanx®, Hook&Tackle®, and 5.11 Tactical®, and more, for antimicrobial fabrics, clothing, and other textiles, which can be found at a variety of retailers near you. Check here for a sample list of partners to see where to buy Microban partner textiles.

Where to Buy Microban Partner Products

For micro prevention products, we partner with brands including Moen, Bissell, Sherwin Williams, Rubbermaid, Whirlpool, Du Pont, Conair, and many more to provide a variety of consumer and commercial products. Consumer products like antimicrobial faucets and sinks can be found at Home Depot, while antimicrobial paint can be found at a Sherwin Williams store near you. Other products can be found at Wal-mart, PetCo, Lowe’s, Target, Office Depot, Macy’s, Sears and more. You can browse our list of partners and see where to buy Microban partner products here.