What Is Antimicrobial Product Protection?


What Is Antimicrobial?

An antimicrobial is a substance that interrupts the metabolic processes of bacteria and microbes, preventing them from growing or multiplying. Antimicrobials can be used in applications to a variety of products to imbue them with these capabilities.

What Is Antimicrobial Product Protection?

Antimicrobials can be integrated into products during manufacturing to provide antimicrobial protection for the surfaces of the products. Products with antimicrobial protection offer cleaner and fresher surfaces that are protected against bacteria and odor. Consumers are attracted to products with antimicrobial protection because they stay cleaner and fresher between routine cleanings.

Antimicrobial product protection can be applied to a variety of products across commercial and consumer industries including healthcare, food service, construction, and even textiles like activewear and gear. Read more about odor control applications for textiles and micro prevention for antimicrobial products.