Learn About Microbes and Watch Microban Protection at Work


On an unprotected surface, microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and mildew can double in only 20 minutes. As they continue to reproduce, microbes can cause stains, odors and product degradation.

Built-in Microban® technology inhibits the growth of microorganisms, becoming an intrinsic part of the product, both inside and out. Our experienced engineers use everything they know about microbes to design custom antimicrobial compounds that are built-in to products during the manufacturing process. Antimicrobial product protection penetrates a microbe’s cell wall and disrupts key cell functions to prevent uncontrolled growth and reproduction.

View our videos below to learn more about microbes and see how Microban can keep your products cleaner and fresher.

Why Microban

From durability requirements to marketing support and patent counsel, Microban supplies clients with thorough services to help partners seamlessly deploy new antimicrobial solution technologies.

We Are Microban International 

We're Microban International, and we're the global leader in antimicrobial technology. At Microban, we have unsurpassed experience in built in antimicrobial applications and odor control technologies. Our technologies have been incorporated into over 1,000 products with over 250 manufacturers around the world!

Microban SilverShield® Technology 

This revolutionary technology is derived from natural elements, providing durable and effective protection 24/7. Microban SilverShield technology is infused into products during the manufacturing process to become a permanent part of the product.

Bathroom Enemy Number One

You may have heard that when you flush a toilet, microbes released into the air can travel up to six feet, landing on all of the surrounding bathroom surfaces within this space. Visit www.thecleanerhome.com to find tips and tricks for keeping your bathroom cleaner.

Keeping Your Sink Cleaner

Bathroom sinks are a catch-all for lots of normal – and unsavory – things, like water, soap residue, saliva, make-up and hair. It’s also an area that can quickly contain water spots and stains if you don’t stay ahead of the stain-causing bacteria that causes them. Visit www.thecleanerhome.com to find tips and tricks for keeping your bathroom cleaner.

Microban Asia Team Hosts Partner Luncheon Event to Launch Protection That Lives On Campaign 

On November 3, 2016, our Microban Asia team and Cityworld Group, together with the Commercial Service of the US Embassy in Bangkok, co-organized a Microban Luncheon Event. The purpose of the fun event was to celebrate and promote the launch of our "Protection That Lives On" campaign. One hundred attendees of both our long-term existing partners and new prospects attended the working luncheon.