Protection Through Collaboration and Innovation.


From towels and socks to window coverings and underwear, Microban® assists partners in the textile industry with planning, designing and developing successful antimicrobial and odor-capture fabric product protection that increases product value, successfully controls odors and meets consumer demands. 

Our textile product development process inhibits the growth of odor from bacteria by 250%. That kind of productivity requires planning. So we collaborate with clients early and often to ensure the successful implementation of antimicrobial textile product protection. From determining a textile’s main purpose to discussing the product’s likely environment, Microban targets what partners and their consumers want out of antimicrobial and odor-capture technologies. After completing the blueprint, our innovative engineers begin the designing phase. We experiment with a variety of formulations to decipher the exact chemical properties your textile product technology needs to resist microbial reproduction and fight odors. 

Before entering the textile product development phase, we check for proper compound-to-product infusion. We also check for appropriate performance and then assist clients with regulatory and patent counseling. Contact us today to find out how we can help you offer partners textiles and apparel that stay fresher for longer.