How It Works: Antimicrobial Agents & Odor Control Solutions

The Science Behind Microban Ultimate Antimicrobial Agents & Odor Control Technology


Odor Fighting Antimicrobial Agents

Microban® odor-control and antimicrobial agents are incorporated into products during the manufacturing process, becoming an intrinsic part of the product. When bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microbes contact a product’s surface, Microban antimicrobial agents prevent the germ causing microbes from growing or reproducing.

How Antimicrobial Agents Fight Stains & Odors

Our odor-capture technologies, like Scentry®, absorb odors to keep your textiles fresher, longer. In other words, odor is controlled from the inside out. When antimicrobial agents are applied to garments and textiles, the technology creates a protective barrier that captures and neutralizes odor. The protective barrier ensures that odors are released upon washing and prevents odor from permanently building up over the life of the fabric and garments.

Our engineers formulate antimicrobial agents odor-control technology to continuously resist stains, odors and product degradation throughout the product’s lifetime. Contact us today to learn how our antimicrobial, odor-capture agents and turnkey solutions can supply your consumers with a cleaner, fresher product line.