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Plastic Injection Molding, Testing & More


Our Materials Engineering group has extensive experience in utilizing our plastics testing laboratory to engineer organic and inorganic antimicrobial technologies into a wide breadth of thermoplastic and thermoset systems. Our engineers have a strong working knowledge of diverse manufacturing techniques, including injection molding, plastic injection molding, rotational molding, and film and profile extrusion.  This enables our engineers to develop antimicrobial solutions that ensure compatibility with your materials, manufacturing processes and available equipment.

Our plastics testing laboratory utilizes developmental tools such as a 22-Ton injection molding machine and multiple twin screw extruders. These machines are equipped with strand and underwater pelletization capabilities that provide our engineers with the ability to create developmental masterbatches and plaques. Further testing of developmental products confirms the viability of new antimicrobial technologies in various materials and production methods.  

The extensive knowledge our engineers possess combined with the versatility of our polymer analytical tools and injection molding development machines allows us to minimize disruption to your current production process and improve your speed to market.