Water Filters


Resist Microbial Growth with Antimicrobial Filter Product Protection

Having antimicrobial filter product protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the surface of the filter. Microban antimicrobial technologies can be used to treat water filtration media to control microbial growth in the filters. In addition, the polymeric material of water containers can be treated with antimicrobial filter product protection.

Microban is dedicated to keeping partner communication channels open throughout product process. From planning and design to final testing and masterbatch production, we advocate for proactive collaboration. It is an essential puzzle piece when considering the unique needs of each partner’s specific product lines. After pinpointing needs, engineers create additive compounds until the ideal antimicrobial filter product protection technology is identified. After finding the ideal antimicrobial compound, Microban checks for appropriate antimicrobial performance and assist clients with patent counseling and regulatory approvals.