Personal Care


Antimicrobial Masterbatches Can Increase Cleanliness Protection on Personal Care Tools

Bathrooms are typically moist and warm and can harbor significant microbial flora. Studies have shown that the flush of a toilet can suspend microbial droplets in the air for hours. Microban technologies can be added to a variety of polymers (e.g. vinyl, rubber, latex, PP, PS and ABS) through antimicrobial masterbatch product protection.

Microban advocates for proactive communication with all clients during product development, especially during the initial planning phase. Covering a product’s uses, environments and expected lifetime determines how our engineers begin designing antimicrobial product protection solutions. We communicate openly with partners during the planning phases before our innovative engineers begin designing suitable antimicrobial additives. With a variety of formulations, we identify the exact chemical properties your product needs to resist microbial reproduction. After uncovering the ideal compound, Microban checks for appropriate performance before green lighting antimicrobial masterbatch production and assisting clients with patent counseling.