Antimicrobial Materials for Appliances

Appliance housings may look clean and shiny, but they can harbor significant levels of microbes. This is especially true in the kitchen. Typical polymers used for appliances include ABS, PS and PC. All these can be treated with Microban antimicrobial technologies to inhibit the growth of microbe populations that can damage appliance surfaces. Microban technology can be added easily during the manufacturing of these products (injection molding, extrusion, RIM molding, etc.) for optimum antimicrobial material product protection.

From beginning to end, Microban proactively collaborates with every partner during the product development process. We cover all antimicrobial material bases during the planning phase before Microban engineers begin designing product best-fitting antimicrobial additives. After testing this array of compounds, our experienced team identifies the ideal chemical properties your appliances need to fight uncontrolled microbial growth. At this point, Microban ensures correct antimicrobial performance and supports partners with marketing support, regulatory approvals and patent counseling.