Food Prep


Offer Commercial Antimicrobial Product Protection for Food Prep Products

Food preparation items such as kitchen utensils, knife handles and chopping boards need regular cleaning. Polymer cutting boards, especially, can be hard to clean properly. Microban® antimicrobial product protection can treat a vast array of food prep items. Our uniquely designed antimicrobial compounds keep cutting board and other food prep surfaces cleaner between cleanings.

Throughout our product development cycle, Microban collaborates openly with its partners. From antimicrobial compound design to regulatory requirements, Microban is committed to identifying ideal antimicrobial product protection for various food prep items. Our talented team of engineers creates a full set of antimicrobial technologies before pinpointing which design best meets the needs for each specific product. Every solution is unique due to the variance of chemical properties, use lifetimes and use of each food prep item. Infused during the manufacturing process, our antimicrobial solutions protect products from the inside out. Whenever food prep items encounter stain and odor causing microbes, Microban power kicks in to disrupt uncontrolled growth before it happens. Microban vows to include clients in the product development process, ensure proper antimicrobial durability and assist with regulatory support.

Based on a recent market research study, including Microban antimicrobial product protection in your commercial cutting boards could result in a 140% increase in purchase intent.

The Microban brand is a valuable trustmark that will reassure your partners they’re getting durable and effective antimicrobial protection that can help you drive purchase interest at the shelf.