Breakthrough Antimicrobial Product Protection Technology for Elevators

High touch points like elevator buttons are susceptible to growth of stain causing bacteria. These surfaces are seldom cleaned and therefore benefit from Microban's unique antimicrobial product protection. With Microban treatment, elevator buttons can stay cleaner in between cleanings.

Throughout each product development stage, Microban® aims for open partner communication. We value our partners’ opinions and insights, from initial planning to an antimicrobial solution. Our engineers work to identify the additive that best meets your specific antimicrobial needs, heavily testing for satisfactory antimicrobial performance, durability and product compatibility. Once we pinpoint the specific chemical properties your antimicrobial product protection technology needs to resist microbial growth, masterbatch production begins. In addition, we also supply partners with the added benefit of having access to complete patent counseling and regulatory support.

The Microban® brand is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial protection – our brand awareness levels are at 46% and rival those of other ingredient brands such as Intel®, Gore-Tex® and Lycra®. The Microban brand is a valuable trustmark of durable and effective antimicrobial protection that can help you increase specifications for elevators.

With the increased awareness for consumers about bacteria, now is the right time to consider Microban antimicrobial technology to help differentiate your products. In a recent Gallup poll, 60% of consumersreported that they are concerned about bacteria when pressing an elevator button or using an escalator handrail.