Baby Changing Stations


Baby Changing Stations with Antimicrobial Product Protection

Baby changing stations in commercial bathrooms can be highly susceptible to stain and odor causing bacteria. Microban® has conducted field swabbing of these surfaces, discovering stain and odor-causing microbes grow on many of these baby-changing stations. Microban's antimicrobial product protection easily treats baby-changing stations to help keep their surfaces cleaner between cleanings.

Throughout product development, Microban openly communicates with clients. Our committed engineers work efficiently to find the ideal antimicrobial product protection technology for commercial baby changing stations. We design a number of suitable antimicrobial compounds until the ideal mixture is identified. Once found, Microban ensures your unique antimicrobial product technology is effective, durable, compatible and able to perform. Microban also makes it a priority to assist clients with patent counseling and regulatory support.