Kitchen Fixtures


Offering Progressive Antimicrobial Kitchen Faucet Product Protection & More

Kitchen sinks are notorious areas for microbial contamination. Our antimicrobial kitchen faucet product protection helps keep your kitchen surfaces cleaner for longer. Infused during the manufacturing process, antimicrobial faucet product protection lasts the lifetime of the product.

Microban® places a high importance on partner collaboration throughout the product development process. From planning to design to testing, our partners have the freedom to actively include themselves in development conversations. We encourage open discussions while our experienced engineers create suitable antimicrobial compounds. After experimenting with a variety of formulations, we pinpoint the exact chemical properties your antimicrobial kitchen faucet product protection needs to resist microbial growth. After an antimicrobial solution is built-in to the product, Microban checks your antimicrobial faucet technology for appropriate protection performance and assists partners with regulatory compliance and patent counseling.