Antimicrobial Treatments for Manufactured Products

Microban® antimicrobial technology can be manufactured into a range of plastics, coatings, ceramics, textiles, and more to inhibit the growth of stain, odor, and illness-causing microbes.

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Create Safe, Durable and Effective Antimicrobial Products with Microban®

Microban International is widely recognized as the world leader in antimicrobial technology. Our expansive inventory of over 25 antimicrobial technologies includes solutions for polymers, coatings, ceramics, paper, textiles, and more.

Introduced at the stage of manufacture, Microban® imbues products with a lasting resistance to bacteria, mold and mildew by up to 99.9%. The Microban portfolio of antimicrobial treatments are compatible with many common materials. For a full list of materials, contact a member of our team today.

Common Applications for Antimicrobial Technology

Microban® is utilized by product manufacturers across the globe to protect consumer, commercial, healthcare and building products. Examples include cutting boards, food storage containers, high chairs, shower curtains, water filters, catheters and apparel.

Demand for Antimicrobial Technology is on the Rise

B2C and B2B buyers look for durability and quality when selecting the right products. Today's manufacturers must keep up with the the fast pace of new innovations in the marketplace as consumers and B2B decision makers increasingly seek out smarter technologies that will provide useful benefits. Products that are manufactured with the added benefit of antimicrobial technology are widely recognized as the superior choice due to increased durability and hygiene.

Antimicrobial Additive Portfolio

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Experience the Microban® Advantage When Selecting an Antimicrobial Technology Provider

  • Microban® is a permanent, cost-effective solution that remains active for your product's expected lifetime for all substrates.
  • Microban® creates inherently cleaner and more durable products, making them perfect for use in hygiene critical, high-traffic environments such as hospitals, food processing facilities and schools.
  • Microban® preserves the aesthetics of your products by minimizing the presence of stain and odour-causing bacteria.
  • Microban® antimicrobial protection contains non-leaching technologies that are registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and notified with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).
  • Microban® antimicrobial technology protection contains food contact approved technologies that are registered with the EPA and are listed on EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

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