Freshness that lives on.

Odor is a universal challenge. Textile and foam products enhanced with Microban® Odor Control Technologies empower people to worry less and enjoy life more. Experience true confidence in odor control with our board portfolio of preventative systems keep products fresher and control odors better by preventing problems before they start.


Odor Control Solutions Extend the Life of Products & Clothing

Odor can buildup on the clothing or footwear and can begin to form a permanent malodor, even after laundering. This persistent odor is commonly referred to as “permastink.” Permastink has  become a global pain point for both consumers and manufacturers. Microban odor control solutions prevent the buildup of odors keeping apparel, footwear and home textiles fresher longer than ever before. 

Odor Control Solutions from Microban®

  • Prevent sweat and moisture from affecting the freshness of footwear, athletic grear and sportswear.
  • Prevent odor and mildew in footwear, protective wear, shower curtains and towels.
  • Safeguard everything from medical textiles to window coverings.   
  • Eliminate odor during wear or use and in between washings.

Engineering innovative odor capture textile technologies is the easy part. Ensuring that the odor control’s effect lasts for the useful life of the product is a bit more complicated. Our engineers, however, meet that challenge head-on every single day. 

Effective Odor Control 

We work with partners to define durability requirements as part of the product development process. We then evaluate durability with industry standards or with customized methods. In addition, we are able to conduct customized experiments to simulate the actual use environment of the article. These include wear tests, shower simulations, hot vapor exposure, solvent exposure and repeated laundering. With our rigorous testing methods, you will be able to confidently present durable odor control products that your customers will value. 

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