Combatting bacterial growth on medical white coats with innovative solutions

Sep 14, 2023

Discover how antimicrobial solutions provide medical coats and hospital uniforms with durable protection against degrading bacterial growth.

A recent study in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) highlighted an unexpected issue in the medical field: white medical coats carry bacteria.

Multiple studies have consistently detected the presence of bacterial strains on medical coats, including nurse uniforms. These findings challenge the long-held belief that such coats symbolize cleanliness and professionalism.

While regular laundering can help mitigate bacterial growth, it is not a long-term solution - bacterial populations quickly rebound in as little as 20 minutes! Adding to the concern, studies on the practices of American physicians and medical students show that many don’t wash their white coats for over a week, with 17% waiting more than a month.

The solution: Antimicrobial treatment for medical uniforms

Microban antimicrobial technology incorporated into medical uniforms during manufacturing serves as an added layer of defense against microbial growth. The technology works by actively inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the garment’s surface, keeping the product cleaner and fresher for longer between regular laundering.

Key benefits of Microban antimicrobial and odor-control technology for medical textiles:

  • Enhanced product and material sustainability

  • Reduction of malodors

  • Preservation of garment aesthetics

  • Decrease in water and energy consumption through reduced laundering requirements

  • Recognized brand in product protection and odor control

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