Provide Homes with Antimicrobial Paint Product Protection Technology

Paint surfaces can support microbial growth under - conditions that contain moisture or humidity. Stains caused by the growth of mold and mildew can create an ugly visual appearance on painted surfaces. Our wide microbial spectrum treatments for comprehensive antimicrobial paint product protection are truly effective in inhibiting stain caused by the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Microban® encourages open partner communication throughout the product development process. From the first planning steps to engineering and design, our partners’ inclusion is essential for creating a successful protective antimicrobial paint technology. Microban engineers create numerous additive formulations that are tested to find the precise antimicrobial additives your antimicrobial paint technology needs to resist microbial growth. After creating a unique antimicrobial solution, Microban tests the technology to ensure its durability, performance and compatibility with the product.

Out of the Can Protection

The Microban brand is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial protection – our brand awareness levels are at 46% and rival those of other ingredient brands such as Intel®, Gore-Tex® and Lycra®.

The Microban brand is a valuable trustmark that will reassure your partners they’re getting durable and effective antimicrobial protection that can help you drive purchase interest at the shelf.