State-of-the-Art Antimicrobial Insulation Product Protection

Insulation material such as fiber glass or pulp-based fill for sound insulation can serve to support fungal growth and propagation if wet. Protective antimicrobial insulation technology can be applied to these materials to effectively inhibit the growth of microbes. Throughout the useful lifetime of any insulation product, Microban® protection remains active inhibitinguncontrolled microbial growth.

Throughout the product development process, Microban keeps communication channels open with clients. From initial planning and brainstorming to additive design and testing, our team is dedicated to collaborating with every partner. A wide variety of antimicrobial compounds are created and heavily tested. We identify the exact chemical properties your product protection antimicrobial insulation technology needs to resist uncontrolled microbial growth, ensuring the compound meets standards for antimicrobial performance, durability and product compatibility.

Concern About Mold on Insulation

Microban recently conducted market research with consumers to measure the level of concern about the growth of mold that can develop on insulation in their home. In total, 73% of consumers show concern about the presence of mold on insulation in their homes.

Microban Can Help

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