Building Materials

Antimicrobial Products for Mold Prevention


The best defense for building materials is to use antimicrobial products for mold prevention. Buildings that supply antimicrobial flooring product protection, antimicrobial paint product technology, and stain-resistant bathroom fixtures help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Utilizing antimicrobial products for mold is important as building materials often contain starches, organic adhesives and cellulose sugars, which are an ideal nutrient sources for mold.

Built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection inhibits microbial reproduction. Come rain or shine, moisture or heat, antimicrobial paint product protection, mold-inhibiting window coverings and odor-resistant air filtration systems will remain empowered with around-the-clock protection throughout the product’s useful lifespan. From antimicrobial flooring product protection to antimicrobial sink and sealant product protection, our engineers design unique compounds to fit every building’s product protection needs.

Microban antimicrobial product protection is infused during the manufacturing process, so it never washes off or wears out. However, it is important to note Microban protection is not a substitute for routine cleanings. For instance, Microban antimicrobial flooring product technologies ease the cleaning process for hardwood, carpet and tile, but is not meant to replace flooring maintenance altogether. Transform your company’s product line of building materials with powerful built-in antimicrobial technology from Microban for fresher, cleaner products.

Air Filters

Microban has a wide variety of technologies that provide antimicrobial filter product protection for paper and non-woven media.

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms are moist, humid and are typically warmer than most of the household during use, so it is very important to use antimicrobial products for mold. Building materials used in the bathroom are susceptible to mold and mildew growth. These surfaces are extremely difficult to clean and growth quickly reoccurs.


Countertops can harbor high amounts of stain-causing bacteria. Antimicrobial countertop product protection can be achieved with effective Microban antimicrobial technologies.

Door Hardware

Surfaces with frequent contact and infrequent cleaning regiments can create the perfect environment for bacteria to quickly multiply and grow. In a recent study, over 80% of restaurant patrons said they were concerned about the growth of microbes on door handles.


Hardwood floors might appear clean, but they can harbor microbes from food and other sources. The thin urethane top layer of hardwood floors can be treated with Microban antimicrobial technologies to create antimicrobial flooring product protection.


Ductwork surfaces are rarely cleaned. Microban antimicrobial hvac technology can provide a powdered antimicrobial coating for ductwork to help protect the treated surface from stain and odor causing bacteria.


Insulation material such as fiber glass or pulp-based fill for sound insulation can serve to support fungal growth and propagation if wet. Protective antimicrobial insulation technology can be applied to these materials to effectively inhibit the growth of microbes.

Kitchen Fixtures

Kitchen sinks are notorious areas for microbial contamination. Our antimicrobial kitchen faucet product protection helps keep your kitchen surfaces cleaner for longer.


Paint is often the last step to the completion of a job well done. Now you can protect your hard work from the growth of mold and keep painted surfaces looking beautiful for longer than ever before when using antimicrobial products for mold prevention.

Sealants and Grout

Bathrooms are characterized by their typical warm, moist environment. In fact, the bathroom is warmer than of the majority of a household during use.


Microban product protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of your sink. Using antimicrobial products for mold prevention will keep your sink staying clean and fresh in between cleanings.


Microban offers the world's first unique "fired-in" antimicrobial tile technology where a custom designed antimicrobial compound is permanently incorporated as part of the ceramic glaze during the firing process to inhibit the growth of stains and odors on the tile surface.

Toilet & Toilet Seat

The bathroom can be a fertile breeding ground for microbes like bacteria, mold and mildew. In fact, if left unchecked bacteria levels can double in number every 20 minutes.


Urinals are a hotspot for the growth of stain and odor causing microbes. Left unprotected, bacteria can double every 20 minutes.