Your New “Sole” Mate: Odor Resistant Socks

Looking for a sole mate? The kind you can’t live without? At Microban®, we have found the sole mate we can’t live without, and it is found in our odor resistant sock & anti-odor sock technologies.

The Perfect Pair: Odor Resistant Socks & Odor Control Technology

Okay – so we admit, the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of a ‘soulmate’ is NOT stinky feet or smelly socks. But at Microban, when we think about the soles of our shoes and feet, the first thing that comes to mind is finding ways to prevent products, like socks, from harboring unpleasant stains and odors.

So, when we say we have found your new sole mate, we meant it. Our odor resistant sock and anti-odor sock technologies speak for themselves. Here’s how.

So, Socks Stink? Why the Need for Odor Resistant Socks?

You’ve been there at least once - where you are in a semi-public place or at a social gathering with friends and you need to slip off your sneakers. When you do, the harsh aroma from your odor-filled socks hit your friends’ noses as fast as you can put your shoes back on. Are smelly socks simply something that you have come to terms with? They should not have to be.

To you, the slight odor your socks acquire over time may not be a big deal, but socks do much more than make a fashion statement; they reduce stress on your feet and can help wick away moisture. Plus, when there’s a way to prevent the stink with odor resistant socks and anti-odor technologies, why put yourself through the embarrassment?

Did you know that even after you laundered your smelly socks, most typical odor applications are not durable enough to withstand home washings? Like we mentioned earlier, we’ve been working on finding you the perfect sole mate, which is why we have developed additives for anti-odor socks that are easy to apply and can withstand multiple home launderings.

With Microban odor control technologies, like Scentry® and ZPTech®, you can ensure that your activewear fights the odors that they are prone to retain, so you can live more and stay fresh.

Custom Odor Control Technologies That Won’t Leave You with Cold Feet

Engineering innovative odor capture textile technologies is the easy part. Ensuring that the odor control effect lasts for the useful life of the product is a bit more complicated. Our engineers, however, meet that challenge head-on every single day.

Our engineering team creates numerous formulations to identify the exact chemical properties for optimal microbial reproduction resistance – aka they create technology for our partners to make fresh, odor resistant socks and give end-users happy feet.

If you would like to find your “sole” mate for your smelly socks through Microban odor resistant socks and anti-odor sock technology, please contact us today to learn how you can partner with us for your odor control needs.