How Antimicrobials Benefit the Commercial Environment

Though many cleaning protocols have changed around the world since 2020, keeping public spaces clean has always been two things: a priority, and a challenge. The high-touch surfaces of communal equipment can make items across restrooms, offices, restaurants, and public recreation facilities increasingly susceptible to microbial growth. As these spaces begin to meet their normal capacity again, patrons can experience different levels of concern surrounding the cleanliness of their environments.

On the flip side, business owners are faced with unrealistic cleaning protocols, left to constantly disinfect common touchpoints. At times, it can be hard to keep up.

Limitations of the disinfectant cycle

Shared items like credit card terminals, handles, steering wheels, and public seating are constantly disinfected to preserve cleanliness, but disinfectants are limited in their ability to preserve a continuous clean. Once bacteria are killed on a surface, microbes in the air immediately re-contaminate surfaces and begin to reproduce, potentially doubling in number every 20 minutes.

Disinfectant vs Microban Antimicrobial Protection Graph 2019

For the common touchpoints and surfaces of commercial environments, it can be hard to achieve an ideal level of clean with normal cleaning practices. With frequent recontamination by handling, contact with food residues, moisture, and more, products need a wholistic cleaning approach, beginning with built-in protection.

Built-in antimicrobial protection: level up your cleaning systems

Keeping up with ever-increasing bioburdens on high traffic and high touch surfaces can seem impossible – that’s why the most effective solution is a combination of built-in antimicrobials and routine cleaning practices. Products treated with a built-in layer of antimicrobial technology are continuously protected against the uninhibited growth of microbes, leaving the surface cleaner, fresher, and more durable.

Antimicrobial technology is integrated at the stage of manufacture, so lasting protection becomes an inherent feature of the product that extends its useful lifetime. It is this added invisible layer of protection that serves as the foundation to a systems approach to clean, complemented by regular cleaning practices.

Saving businesses time and money, antimicrobial technology reduces the stress and worry surrounding clean, extending products’ usable lifetimes, and protecting against stain and odor causing bacteria.

With 64% of consumers willing to pay more for products with built-in antimicrobial protection for their own homes, this key feature is soon to be expected in shared spaces.

Microban® technology for commercial environments

Microban International has been the global leader in antimicrobial solutions for over 35 years, specializing in the protection of products and surfaces from microbial contamination. Addressing key consumer concerns, Microban is a trusted partner across commercial environments, reassuring end-users and helping to preserve product integrity.

What commercial products can Microban® antimicrobial technology be built-in to?

Key benefits of Microban® in commercial environments

  • Peace of mind for end-users in public spaces
  • Protection against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Always-on technology, lasting the life of the product and never washing or wearing away
  • Helps prevent premature product degradation caused by bacteria growth
  • Long history of safe and effective use, compliant with global regulations

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